Projects and Goals:

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The Oral History Project

Night Skies Telescope

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Marketing Outreach Project

Traveling Educational Exhibits


Project: Electric Vehicle or hybrid

Estimated Cost $28,000

The Great Basin National Park Foundation will provide funds to acquire an electric vehicle and/or a hybrid vehicle with the objectives of:

  • Using these state-of-the-art vehicles as a "mobile marketing platform" for increasing awareness of the Park and its positive impacts to the region
  • Reducing the "carbon footprint" of park employees during the conduct of normal business


Purpose:  The Foundation desires to help the Park reduce its “carbon footprint” while providing a mobile marketing platform.  The best way to do this while integrating the vehicle into normal operations is to acquire a “hybrid” vehicle that is used by Park personnel.  We also examined the potential for using “all electric” vehicles.  However, the current limited range of such vehicles and degraded battery performance in cold climates has led us to a conclusion that a hybrid vehicle is the most appropriate solution.

Hybrid Vehicles:  The hybrid vehicle market is maturing rapidly and offers several very good choices. The market is generally led by the Toyota Prius, which has an unlimited range due to its' alternative for having a gasoline powered mode of operation when the batteries are depleted. This particular vehicle costs approximately $23,000 for the base model, and we would expect to have some upgrades that would put the price several thousand dollars higher. This particular vehicle, or other hybrids, would be an excellent choice for longer distance travels, including meetings with community officials in more distant places, such as Ely, Delta, Elko, Pioche, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, etc.

Mobile Marketing Platform:  Any of the hybrid vehicles can be effectively "wrapped" with an environmental message that would promote the Park. It would be as simple as painting the vehicles with a blue sky, white clouds, tall trees, and "Great Basin National Park" on each side. There is no end to the type of message or pictures we can put on the vehicles, and it is only constrained by the size of the car. The cost of such a marketing message is estimated to be around $3100-3300, plus several hundred dollars for design costs.