Projects and Goals:

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Great Basin Observatory

The Oral History Project

Marketing Outreach Project

Green Boxes




Project: Green Boxes

The 'Green Boxes' educational project is an important component for the Great Basin National Park Foundation to efficient and effectively educate the general public and school-age children about the Great Basin National Park and the Great Basin physiographic region: their location, ecosystems, climate, history, geology and outstanding recreational opportunities.

Through these educational efforts, the visibility of the park and the Great Basin would be enhanced and promoted. Both promotional and educational activities are primary elements within the Foundation's mission statement and strategic plan.

To effectively reach across the vast geographic area of the Great Basin and target major population centers, the purchase and production of free eduicational kits made available to schools and educational centers in the Salt Lake City area, Reno/Carson City and Las Vegas.

Additional funding and support is provided from NV Energy and Desert Research Institute.

Green Boxes will be available and distributed in March 2015.