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A Message from the Superintendent of Great Basin National Park


Since 1998, the Great Basin National Park Foundation has been an outstanding partner in the development of Great Basin National Park.  The Foundation members have given unselfishly of time, talents, and funding so that this remote National Park might grow into its full potential as a crown jewel in a tradition that has been called this Nation’s Best Idea.  

Without the assistance of the Great Basin National Park Foundation, the completion of Baker’s Great Basin Visitor Center, and its exceptional exhibits would not be available today.  The Foundation has furthered the collection of oral histories that would certainly otherwise have been lost.  The Foundation continues to help the park find its public.  They promote the dual- park mandate to protect the resources directly, and help us tell the story of the whole Great Basin, while they support the Superintendent in ways not heard of when the Foundation was first formed.

It would not be possible for the National Park Service to explore and develop the wide range of projects and approaches that having such a progressive foundation affords the park.  Government procurement and contracting requirements tend more to support the mass- produced and the low-bid end of the spectrum. Through the imagination and generosity of the Foundation, Great Basin National Park is able to offer our visitors state-of-the-art interpretation and works of art to enjoy.  As the Superintendent of Great Basin National Park, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the difference the Foundation has made in our presentations, as well as, opportunities that inspire.

To say we, who live and work in the park, are grateful to the Great Basin National Park Foundation is an understatement.  It would be impossible to imagine the park without the Foundation’s contributions. We have come to realize the tremendous synergy that has been shared by this partnership.  And, as the past is precursor to the future, I am sure that we all will be amazed by the good that comes of this relationship that is based here in the heart of the Great Basin.


Andrew J. Ferguson