Great Basin National Park Foundation is passionate about ensuring that individuals of all walks of life are able to explore and appreciate Great Basin National Park. 

Great Basin Explorers Program

The Great Basin Explorers program brings young people from underserved communities in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas to Great Basin National Park for multi-night camping trips. The Foundation provides funding, materials, and logistical support to the organizations that know these young people best. This collaborative approach combines everyone’s expertise to ensure that underserved young people are able to experience the Park. 

Tribal Outreach

Great Basin National Park Foundation works to ensure that members of the tribes located nearest to Great Basin National Park are able to experience this place and share their knowledge about the area. We provide logistical support and funding so that tribes can participate in multi-day camping trips in the Park, including lessons for young people from their own elders about the area. We are also working on a project that will better integrate tribal stories in to the Park’s exhibits and interpretation. 

Great Basin Guardians

Through our email list, blog post, social media accounts, and virtual programs, we connect lovers of the Great Basin to the Park from afar. We use these platforms to educate and inform. Visit our Youtube, Facebook page, Instagram page, and join our mailing list to learn more.