The Park is a playground and a classroom for young visitors and students. Credit: Michael Okimoto. 

We understand that students are the next generation of Great Basin National Park stewards. Reaching thousands of students each year, we work to inspire, educate, and connect students to Great Basin National Park through place-based, Next Generation Science Standard-driven educational programs. 

Because of the small size of Great Basin National Park’s full-time staff, the Foundation leads all school education programs about the Park. We are proud to be able to support the Park and surrounding communities in this way. 

Are you a teacher looking for lesson plans, field trips, or classroom visits? Our teacher resources page has all the information you need to get involved. 

Fourth Grade Program

This program uses a three touch approach of classroom visits, lesson plans, and field trips to introduce fourth grade students to Great Basin National Park. In alignment with the National Park Service’s Every Kid Outdoors program, each student who participates in the program receives an Every Kid in a Park pass, so that they can continue exploring national parks with their family. 

Lesson Plans

Great Basin National Park Foundation offers a wide range of free, Next Generation Science Standard-aligned lesson plans that teachers can use to bring Great Basin National Park into the classroom. Ranging from Kindergarten to high school, our lesson plans cover the ecology, geology, natural history, dark skies and astronomy of the vast and biologically diverse Great Basin. Visit our teacher resources page to learn more.

Virtual Programs

We believe that every student in Nevada should be able to experience their state’s own national park. We lead virtual programs about Great Basin National Park for schools across Nevada and around the country. These programs focus on Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park's dark skies, or other topics by request. Students near and far are able to ask questions, play games, and spark their curiosity about the Park. Visit our teacher resources page to learn more. You can also easily sign up for virtual programs and learn more at CILC.

Astronomy Education

One of Great Basin National Park's most precious resources are its pristine night skies. Astronomy education provides an avenue for students to learn critical math and science concepts while considering their place in the universe. Our cutting-edge Double Star Research Program allows middle school and high school students to conduct astronomical research and write a peer-reviewed, published scientific paper under the guidance of college professors.