Great Basin National Park Foundation Board Reflections

Photos: Briget Eastep

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be at the forefront of conservation efforts in one of America's most stunning national parks? We asked a few of our board and advisory members of Great Basin National Park Foundation, to get an inside perspective on the role and rewards of serving as a volunteer leader. 

Briget Eastep, current Board Chair and member for 10 years, is an outdoor educator at heart. “It is a joy to see the work we’ve done to support the Park through observatory research, education and outreach to people from all backgrounds,” Briget shares. “I think the best compliment we got this year was from [former superintendent] James Woolsey, who said we’re small but mighty.” 

Small but mighty indeed - we’ve already reached over 1,500 students this school year with our education and outreach programs, in schools across Nevada and Utah and beyond! The Foundation has built a solid foundation thanks to our leaders like Briget, who bring a love of the Park and the people, and “a willingness to lead with an open mind and heart”.

Serving on the board isn't just about signing up for meetings and paperwork—you become part of a passionate community. You collaborate with fellow nature lovers, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts who share your commitment to protecting this special and remote park.

As Vice Chair Greg Fine relates: “I've served on a handful of boards. This one is different. There's a cohesiveness, a spirit of togetherness, that is so enjoyable to witness and be a part of. This energy translates into a small but mighty force that continually moves the mission forward.”

The board of Great Basin National Park Foundation works tirelessly to achieve the mission of preserving the park’s pristine night skies, unique cultural heritage, and diverse native ecosystems - but we have a lot of fun too!

Inspired to embark upon your own conservation journey? Great Basin National Park Foundation is searching for enthusiastic individuals to join our Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and Strategic Communication, Development, and Education Committees. If you desire to share your time, skills, and talent, to benefit environmental conservation, public land stewardship, and the Great Basin region, you may be the perfect person to drive our initiatives to new heights!

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