Ring of Fire Eclipse

On October 14, 2023 Great Basin National Park will experience one of the great astronomical events of local history: an Annular Solar Eclipse. This eclipse will obscure a portion of the sun for nearly three hours. The next annular eclipse in the United States won't take place until 2041 making this perhaps a once in a lifetime event. The Foundation is sponsoring two virtual programs to help the public get excited about planning to see the upcoming eclipse. 

Get Ready for the Great Basin Annular Eclipse!

August 29, 5 pm pacific time


In this virtual program, meet Vivian White who works with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Vivian administers the Eclipse Ambassadors Off the Path program and the Night Sky Network - a community of more than 425 amateur astronomy clubs across the country. At our program, Vivian will share her love of eclipses as well as eclipse mystery and science, and what to expect for the upcoming Oct 14 annular eclipse.

Stay Wild, Moon Child

September 12, 5 pm pacific time


In this virtual program, meet Andrea Jones, Public Engagement Lead of the Solar System Exploration Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Andrea and her team share NASA planetary science research and discoveries with people around the world. Andrea is also the Director of International Observe the Moon Night. In this 2nd Get Ready for the Great Basin Annular Eclipse virtual program, our guest speaker Andrea will detail the moon’s role in solar and lunar eclipses and introduce emerging lunar science and exploration.

Check out more information about seeing the eclipse at Great Basin National Park here and in White Pine County here